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Manufacturing and supplying high quality ozone generators since 1993

  Crystal Air ozone generators

Crystal Air is proud to have been a member in good standing of the International Ozone Association since  1996.


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Crystal Air was started in 1993 to manufacture a reasonable priced high quality ozone generator and supply honest information on quality odor control, air purification, and water purification products.

Crystal Air is proud to be one of less than 16,000 companies to be accepted as a member of the BBBOnLine Reliability Program and Square Trade seal program, with a perfect record at both organizations.


We have been designing and manufacturing the  highest quality, toughest, affordable line of ozone generator systems since 1993, used for residential, commercial, industrial, pest control odors, pet odors, building fire, and flood restoration, greenhouse applications etc. Utilizing advanced corona discharge technology and advanced HO UV systems, Crystal Air ozone generators have proven to be highly dependable as well as versatile. Our products have always set the standard for quality, design, and output throughout the industry (we have had our PRO series copied by several companies over the years). Our service and support is second to none, we honor our warranty without question!






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