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Crystal Air is proud to have been a member in good standing of the International Ozone Association since  1996.


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Cooling towers and ozone

A line of packaged systems is available ranging from small, manually operated, to large, fully automatic systems with remote control and data logging. The discharge water from a cooling tower is guaranteed to comply with all current U.S. EPA regulations after ozonation.

Bacteria, in cooling-tower water, increases scaling by forming a bio slime layer that acts as a bonding agent for scale deposits. Because ozone is a very strong biocide it destroys the bacteria, leaving the scale deposits free to be removed by the velocity of the water through the pipeline.

Years ago, the chromate/zinc inhibitor was one of the best inhibitors on the market to protect metal surfaces from corrosion in a cooling tower. Today, ozone is attaining the same recognition by providing the same or better corrosion protection. Ozone provides a protective oxide coating on the metal surfaces within the condenser loop.

Ozone reduces operating costs by:
  • Reducing makeup water to the cooling tower by permitting more cycles between blowdowns.
  • Eliminating the cost and problems in ordering, shipping, handling, storage, and disposal of regular chemicals.
  • Reducing power consumption by keeping the chiller heat transfer efficiency high through cleaner condenser tubes.

Ozone systems must be sized individually, based on answers to the attached Questionnaire for Cooling Towers. The reason for selecting manual or automatic system can be purely economical





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