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The AD-08 air drier is designed for use with ozone generators such as the A-500, V-4, and other small generators. It is available with options such as, 120 or 240 volt operation.


Air Drying
Two automatically recharged alumina desiccant cylinders. Vacuum driven, compressor not required.

Process Gas
Ambient air, free of dust and oil.

Dry Air Capacity
Up to 8 L/min (16 SCFH) ambient air at 85% R.H. 35C.

Resulting Dew Point
-40C or better. Dew point indicator (blue crystals) included.

Air Flow Resistance
Approximately 30cm (12") of water column at full flow.

Ambient air 40C max. 85% R.H.

120V/60Hz, max. 0.65A, average 80W.

NOTE: In 230V/50Hz operation, the dryer may receive 120V power from an associated ozone generator.

457mm high x 245mm wide x 102mm deep (18" x 10" x 4"). Powder coated aluminum cabinet with key holes for wall mounting.

Warnock & Hersey Certified
CSA file L18014 - Canada
ETL file #98260 - U.S.A.

3 years general. The rate of the air drying desiccant depletion is subject to local air quality, and it is expected to last 3 years in normal conditions. Premature depletion of the desiccant is not covered under warranty.

Refer to installation manual for specific conditions.

In conjunction with ozone generators, controllers, mixing systems, and other equipment approved by the  Application Engineering Department.






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