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20 grams/hour ozone injected into water streams up to 30 GPM

Ozone Injection System designed to quickly integrate into an existing water line. The WATERZONE system produces and introduces 20 g/hr of ozone into up to 30 GPM of water flow. This water can be used for food processing, surface disinfection or basic water treatment.

-Very efficient with excellent mass transfer of ozone
-Ozone generated from oxygen efficient operation
-one switch will start entire system
-Stainless Steel off-gas tank
-Stainless Steel pump with Viton Seal
-All plumbing and fittings are stainless steel
-Tri-Clamp connections are used
-Included water trap protects ozone generator from any water damage
Product Specifications
Flowrates Up to 30 GPM water flow (flow rates from 5-30 GPM are acceptable)
Ozone Production: 20 gm/hr
Oxygen Production: 7.5 LPM O2 @ 93% purity
Capacity: 10 GPM with 8.8 PPM Ozone
  15 GPM with 6.0 PPM Ozone
  20 GPM with 4.4 PPM Ozone
  30 GPM with 3.0 PPM Ozone
  Dissolved ozone levels of at least 2.0 PPM at 30 GPM
Wetted Materials: Stainless Steel, Viton seals & Kynar injector
Power Required: 220V/60Hz (220V/50Hz Available)
Remote Start: System can be started remotely using provided contacts in the controller
Ozone Generation Method: Via corona discharge using dry air
Maximum Operating Pressure: Floor mounted, can be positioned against a wall
Maximum Operating Pressure: 50 PSI
Maximum Water Pressure: 100-PSI (7 bar)
Connection: 1-inch Female NPT Connections
Water Pressure drop at 30 GPM less than 3 PSI
Warranty: 1-year
Dimensions: 42-inches wide x 18-inches deep x 60-inches tall
Lead Time: 2 weeks







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